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    1. Pitfalls
    2. Ignorance Feigned
    3. Scratched Out
    4. The Great Fall
    5. Salvation
    6. Cliques
    7. Validity
    8. Momentum
    9. Snakes Pass
    10. The Conscientious Objector

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released April 2, 2012



all rights reserved



Hardcore, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Bare Necessities Records/Farewell Records

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Track Name: Pitfalls
Transcending the boundaries of what you already know, your pitfalls and failures are starting to show. Getting confused when there’s no end in sight, over confidence, over whelmed by pride for the fight. And we won't call it a truce. We live our lives in the noose. Our fear is long forgotten. Our world is slowly falling. Trying to understand the threads picked along the way. They lead your hope, abandoned and always astray. Led to believe that justice is reality. And we won't call it a truce. We live our lives in the noose. Your world is slowly falling. This place is long forgotten. Peace is long forgotten. Our world slowly falling down on me. And as it unwinds, we see where it's ended, that we traded our hope for a whim. As the curtain draws, and the actors leave, the stage is empty, no time to grieve.
Track Name: Ignorance Feigned
It goes full circle, it pulls both ways, your greatest fear, your darkest days. This vicious circle continues to spin, a test of will determined by fate. Where every action has a reaction. Where every hope has been shed. There's no solid ground to walk on, and maybe you should walk on. This is something we let stand? Become accustomed to turning the other cheek. We turn our backs, the injustice goes on, feign ignorance knowing we don't belong. And did we ever belong? And when the world is beating at your door, the choice is yours to answer the call.
Track Name: Scratched Out
Dig inside the archive of your mind, scratch out the surface, leave the trace of love behind. What you know, and what you've come to pass, is judgement on the ones you stamp on. The ones without a chance. Society wasn’t built around you, the god's and the demons can serve themselves without you. Nothing you touch, could ever turn to gold, the air you breathe grows wasteful and cold. You can stare into your futures eyes, and watch how you lived your life. You suck up the life from everything around you, and expect us to live in your wake. You suck up from everything around you, and leave us in your wake.
Track Name: The Great Fall
It's down to now, the last stretch, the final chapter, nothing’s left for us now, the dust has settled, the end has passed us. Because when the bell rings, when the light fades out, when the choir sings, when the truth is out, can you look at yourself and say 'I made a change'? Can you think to yourself, there was another way? There is another way? You can't save yourself from change, when every breath in your body remains. This is your story, this is your fable, the chance is yours to turn the tables. Make yourself, make yourself remembered, make yourself be heard.
Track Name: Salvation
The path is chosen, we mapped our lives, the great have fallen with dreams expired. What we want is out for the count. If we needed any reason, we need it more then ever, these 5 lives were once depleted, yet hanging on a tether. Yet when I gather my thoughts and look into the eyes of my family, my friends, the people I love, and all I see, all I feel is the memory of the people that I, and we used to be. What has happened to me? Won't get the better of me. Hatred is all that I see. What's becoming of me? In search for salvation there's no one left behind. Taming the eye of my mind to feed on the scraps of my life.
Track Name: Cliques
Doing this for myself, I can't keep up with the cliques in this ever changing scene. It's always something new to me, something the kids have been told to listen to. Independence is a gift. When the choices are made for you, it's easy to conform, it's simple to sign the dotted line. Put the pen to paper, prepare to swear in ink, is this the best decision to make? It's so easy to not be liked for who you are, what you've done and how you’re trying to change. And you can call me selfish, but I only ever did this for me alone and no one fucking else. And it's so easy to judge, it's so easy to fold your arms and criticise. You’re all talk. And there's nothing that you do to back up what you say. It's your decision to be spineless from cradle to the grave.
Track Name: Validity
When we look back down the line, nothing shows the compromises made (we've made). Staring down the barrel of a gun, blinded by fear, showing what we could have done. And these were carved from our memories of all. Can they be called our lives? Bearing down on me, this world owes nothing to me. Bearing down on me, plagued by catastrophes. The end is in sight for me. The rapture bears its hammer.
Track Name: Momentum
It's been 6 years, we've made it for this long, the memories of failed pleas burned into this song. You’re done for here, there's better bands, your time has come and past, a chance to make this last. You'll never be the sharpest knife in the draw. You'll never be top of the pile. Whether we’re near to our goal or not, it's loud it's clear, we'll give this a shot. For the record, we’re here now, always have been, members come, members go, people come and fade. These past years, hiding under a rock, for better, for worse, we can never stop. Sweet justice, a dedication. Sweet justice, this moment is ours. Deep rooted for the reason of music. Ingrained, it's the reason we stay. This passion, our chance to shine. And we still stand strong. Defeated, but we still stand strong.
Track Name: Snakes Pass
You’re not as shrewd as you once wished, not as daring as you used to be. Your posture and composure is something that seems to stop dead in your wake. And brawn has never been your virtue, your strength has been quelled by the rage. A sad existence, no compromises, no phoenix from the flame on your grave. The hand was dealt you'll never feel the same. You try to persuade yourself to believe it, try to gain that last shred of self-respect. You washed your hands with the blood of your loved ones, a never ending fucking wreck. Why can't this grass ever be greener? Why won't the darkness swallow the night? Why am I so fucking divided? There's no difference to what's wrong and right.
Track Name: The Conscientious Objector
Your willingness is put to the test, a conscientious objector who's been laid to rest. The all seeing eye sifts slowly through the sky, casting it's judgement to find the darkness. Time is up and you can't turn it around. What once was bliss is now a living hell. The glint in your eye faded to black, discouraged, everything you lack. There's no going back. A thankless fucking task.